A witty caption of an image encapsulates a form of intellectual humor with unique perspectives and interpretations. This is done by the association of ideas in a manner natural, but unusual and striking, so as to produce surprise joined with pleasure. Naturally, captions are the most read portion of any newspaper and magazine.

CaptionWit.com intends to provide a platform for the fun and pleasure in playing with captions for images and photos, for both amateurs and connoisseurs. If you have an interesting photo (on politics, pets or people) and want others to help fuel the laughter, use the upload page to post it on CaptionWit.com. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  If not, feel free to leaf through the page for a quick laughter.  Enjoy!

The caption contest photos are chosen from user submitted content by the administrator.  If you want to put your photo to the contest, please let us know with the following form.

For the sake of spam prevention, your first caption is moderated. Once your first caption is approved, you can add captions at will. Because moderation may stifle creativity, captions are not moderated.

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