4 Captions by Timbo

  • Why are the boots there?"Why are the boots there?"
    Dear Son, I was laid off at the bank, but look for me on the garbage truck. Dad P.S. I'm not Henry anymore. The name's Hank. P.P.S. About your college tuition...
    On 2010-08-03.
  • Before the Throne"Before the Throne"
    "Please, wise one - Surely you do not want my socks as well..?" "I have told you, my son. You have given me your $1,000 shoes but what good are shoes without socks? "
    On 2010-08-03.
  • Before and After"Before and After"
    An important new job in the automotive sector? Plenty of interaction with high-income clients? I'm quitting my job now and I'll be there right away!
    On 2010-08-03.
  • Not Something You See Very Often!"Not Something You See Very Often!"
    The rite of pasage from Wall Street Banker to Unemployed Bum begins with the enforced removal of handmade Italian shoes and silk socks, the required stripping of Zegna pinstriped suit jacket and the transformation of leather briefcase into pillow.
    On 2009-04-16. Rating: Add rating0 Subtract rating0