7 Captions by Lassie

  • Spiderman cleaning windows"Spiderman cleaning windows"
    Nowadays, even super-heros also need to work for minimum wage
    On 2008-07-04. Rating: Add rating6 Subtract rating2 
  • Evolution of men"Evolution of men"
    The more you know, the more humbled you are
    On 2008-07-02. Rating: Add rating5 Subtract rating2 
  • Wiretapping"Wiretapping"
    "Didn't I ask you to eat that dead bug. Now you know".
    On 2008-07-04. Rating: Add rating8 Subtract rating2 
  • Yawning frogs"Yawning frogs"
    Ah, ahh, ahhh
    On 2008-07-09. Rating: Add rating0 Subtract rating1 
  • Embarrassed polar bear"Embarrassed polar bear"
    This bear feels more ashamed losing his armour
    On 2008-07-08. Rating: Add rating1 Subtract rating1 
  • Hotdog"Hotdog"
    Don't laugh, I made 100 biscuites posing for this photo
    On 2008-07-02. Rating: Add rating6 Subtract rating1 
  • Big fish in a small bowl"Big fish in a small bowl"
    "Son, let me tell you a truth of life. You're better off being a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. This is the best pond for me"
    On 2008-07-08. Rating: Add rating15 Subtract rating1