9 Captions by BoB

  • Dog photographer"Dog photographer"
    Now you should understand what "dogged by Paparazzi" means
    On 2008-07-06. Rating: Add rating3 Subtract rating2 
  • Spiderman cleaning windows"Spiderman cleaning windows"
    "I cannot grab on glass. Let me see if windows wipers are better"
    On 2008-07-09. Rating: Add rating2 Subtract rating2 
  • Spiderman cleaning windows"Spiderman cleaning windows"
    "Hey, I'm only here checking out the security sensors".
    On 2008-07-14. Rating: Add rating2 Subtract rating1 
  • Kids and computer"Kids and computer"
    "Hey, I used one of these in my past life."
    On 2008-07-01. Rating: Add rating13 Subtract rating1 
  • Wiretapping"Wiretapping"
    Have we crossed the border yet?
    On 2008-06-27. Rating: Add rating7 Subtract rating8 
  • Hotdog"Hotdog"
    I only asked for a pillow, but got a ear plug too
    On 2008-07-02. Rating: Add rating8 Subtract rating0 
  • Big fish in a small bowl"Big fish in a small bowl"
    "Hey, Mine looks like a shark fin!"
    On 2008-06-24. Rating: Add rating12 Subtract rating5 
  • Sherman duck"Sherman duck"
    "I won't back off another inch!"
    On 2008-06-24. Rating: Add rating4 Subtract rating10 
  • Shopping laddy"Shopping lady"
    Caught by one of the turned heads
    On 2008-06-22. Rating: Add rating18 Subtract rating1